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Step into the lighter side of the internet with Fox Media’s meme marketing services. We turn viral trends into marketing treasures, crafting content that’s not just relatable but highly shareable too. Our team of meme specialists curate and create engaging, humorous content that strikes a chord with the target audience.

Get set for your brand to become the buzz of the meme world by captivating general curiosity!


Meme Creation

- Services that specialize in creating custom memes tailored to a brand's identity, products, or campaigns.
- Designing memes that resonate with the target audience and align with the brand's messaging.

Meme Research and Trend Analysis

- Agencies or professionals who stay updated on internet trends and meme culture.
- Identifying popular memes and trends that can be incorporated into marketing strategies.

Social Media Management

- Social media management services that integrate meme content into a brand's social media profiles.
- Crafting a consistent meme presence across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Content Calendar Planning

- Planning meme-centric content calendars that align with the brand's marketing objectives.
- Scheduling the release of memes to coincide with relevant events, holidays, or trends.

Engagement Tracking and Analytics

- Monitoring the performance of meme content through engagement metrics.
- Analyzing likes, shares, comments, and other indicators to assess the effectiveness of meme marketing efforts.

Community Engagement

- Engaging with the audience through memes to build a community around the brand.
- Encouraging user-generated meme content and participation.

Meme Campaign Development

- Designing comprehensive meme campaigns centered around specific products, promotions, or events.
- Creating memes that tell a story or convey a message in a humorous and shareable manner.

Influencer Collaboration for Memes

- Partnering with influencers known for meme creation or humor to amplify meme marketing efforts.
- Leveraging influencers' creativity and meme expertise to reach a wider audience.

Meme Merchandising

- Creating and selling merchandise featuring popular memes associated with the brand.
- Capitalizing on the popularity of certain memes to generate additional revenue.

Contests and Challenges

- Organizing meme creation contests or challenges to encourage user participation.
- Creating branded hashtags and encouraging users to share their own memes related to the brand.

Meme Licensing and Usage Rights

- Managing licensing agreements for the use of popular memes in marketing campaigns.
- Ensuring compliance with copyright and intellectual property regulations.

Adaptation for Different Platforms

- Adapting meme content for various platforms, considering the unique features and preferences of each.
- Creating memes suitable for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms.

Meme Trend Predictions

- Providing insights into upcoming meme trends and advising brands on how to stay relevant.
- Anticipating shifts in meme culture to keep marketing strategies fresh and engaging.